Pirates – Interim

Elizabeth couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt so comfortable. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. Last night had been nice… And this morning… And the night before last… Alright, so her life now was more or less filled with these wonderful, comfortable moments. And who was she to argue the point?

Closing her eyes and feeling the salty sea spray against her skin, she leaned lightly first to her left, against Jack, who returned the light pressure with an equal response of his own, then she leaned lightly to her right, against Will, who likewise returned the affectionate gesture.

The three of them stood, close enough together that they didn’t have to lean to be touching, leaning against the Pearl’s helm deck railing, gazing out over the open ocean toward where the sun was slowly starting to disappear over the horizon.

Lazily, seemingly on a whim, Jack had given the order to change headings that morning. Now well on their way to Jack-knows-where, they were sailing at a fast clip with the wind. The Pearl moving as if she was a part of the wind and sea herself. He caressed the railing absently, but as lovingly as he touched Elizabeth or William, eyes closed. His compass was pointing a new heading for them, and as long as Will and Elizabeth were with him, it had only lead them to one wonderful treasure after another. No one questioned his orders to change headings… Not that they really had before. But they especially didn’t now that the seemingly aimless wandering of the ship had made every member of the crew something once thought to be a legend in and of itself: rich pirates.

Will fingered a medallion dangling from around his neck, a spoil from their most recent discovery that he’d become rather attached to. Elizabeth smiled and kissed his cheek. Her pirate. She looked to her right and smiled again, and made a mental correction.

Her pirates.