Destroyer’s End

My name is Kalitri. I have lived among the Night Elves of Teldrassil, and I have lived among the Worgen of Gilneas. I draw upon the powers of the natural world to shape shift into a fiercesome cat and shred my enemies with claws and fangs. I can become a giant Gilnean crow and soar above the forests and varying landscapes of Azeroth, or simply sit upon a pole in the middle of Stormwind and wait for something to happen. I was one of the first on the scene when the Destroyer, Deathwing, tore apart the town I had thought of as my home for most of my life – Auberdine.

And I was there when the Destroyer met his end.

My friends and I had honed our skills, and when it was called for, I ceased using my old familiar cat shape, and took on the appearance and power of a mighty bear to protect the assault force that first ventured into the dark future and into the past under the guidance of Nozdormu, the dragon Aspect of Time. We fought the dark echos of our own Alliance heroes, as well as heroes of the Horde. We faced the dark future of Nozdormu himself, and felled his dark future self – Murozond. We journeyed back into the dark past of Kalimdor to witness the destruction of the Well of Eternity, and battled alongside Illidan and Malfurion Stormrage, and Tyrande Whisperwind, facing off against Queen Azshara and the demon Mannoroth – heroes and villians I had known of since childhood.

We rescued the only artifact that had any hope of defeating Deathwing – the Dragon Soul, the artifact that he had created when he gained his darkest powers, under the influence of Azeroth’s Old Gods. And we took the Soul back to modern times, meeting up with none other than the great World Healer, Thrall – former Warchief of the Horde. A gauntlet of the Twilight’s Hammer and their darkness was destroyed, and none other than Archbishop of the Light Benedictus tried to take the Soul from us, but we prevailed.

Our hardest battles still stood ahead.

I trusted my healers with my life – two priests and a shaman, the very best of the best. The powerful damage-dealers that filled out our…well, there is no other way to put it – our raiding party, were also the best. A hunter and her loyal pet jewel cat, a mage of the arcane arts, a paladin – expert in the power of retribution, a death knight with incredible command of the powers of frost, a rogue with the most incredible mastery over his blades I have ever seen, and another death knight – a dual expert in the powers of blood and frost.

As we fought our way through Deathwing’s minions, it was this second death knight that helped me keep control of the monsters – making sure they stayed away from our friends and kept their focus on us.  Deathwing’s forces tried to stop us from even entering Wyrmrest Temple – the great Earth Elemental Morchok barred our path and turned the very ground against us…But we triumphed over him and moved on to face the true power of Deathwing’s front line army.

First came Zon’Ozz, one of Deathwing’s support troops sent in by the Old Gods. He tried to destroy us with a horrible spell known as the Void of Unmaking – but we turned his own power against him and defeated him in the end. Then we moved on to Yor’sagh the Unsleeping. The monster called upon oozes to absorb their effects and make himself more powerful. And yet we still triumphed over him.

Onward to the summit of the temple of Wyrmrest, where none other than the dragon Aspect of Magic himself, Kalygos, opened a pathway to the Eye of Eternity for us. We knew it was a trap – an utter and complete destruction of the Eye’s true purpose. Deathwing had sent none other than Hagara the Stormbinder into the Eye to stop us. She called upon lightning and ice to try and put a stop to our assault, but in the end we defeated her as well.

The war was far from won, however. Deathwing himself rose up before us as we exited the Eye of Eternity. The Aspects were powerless to help us as they worked to empower the Dragon Soul for use against Deathwing. We had to defend them – against none other than Deathwing’s most powerful creation: Ultraxion, the Dragon of Twilight.

Ultraxion was our hardest battle yet – the swarm of twilight drakes that appeared before his attack were nothing compared to the level of power this dragon wielded. Myself and the blood death knight traded his attention, all of us using nothing but our own wills to pull ourselves out of the twilight realm to avoid his most powerful attacks. The Aspects helped us where they could, providing each of our healers with a boost that helped keep us all alive through the worst of the damage. And finally, we triumphed over Deathwing’s greatest creation. Ultraxion fell, and we moved on.

There was no time to rest. Deathwing was thrown off by Ultraxion’s failure – perhaps even frightened. He turned and flew toward the Maelstrom, perhaps hoping to escape once more into Deepholm as he had in the past. We could not allow it. We boarded the great flying ship, the Skyfire, and gave chase.

There was yet another barrier between us and the Destroyer, however. None other than the powerful Tauren, and one of Deathwing’s personal bodyguards, Warmaster Blackhorn sent down wave after wave of Dreadblades and Slayers, while twilight drakes assaulted the ship itself. We fended off every attack, defeated every opponent, until the Warmaster himself attacked us. Our mage and hunter took down his dragon mount before it could destroy the ship, while myself and my death knight counterpart worked the Warmaster around the deck of the ship, making sure no one took any undo damage.

Once the Warmaster was defeated, we parachuted down onto Deathwing’s back to attack the Destroyer himself. He didn’t make it easy, as if fighting for our lives on top of a flying dragon the size of Stormwind’s Trade District was ever going to be simple. Every part of his body fought us – he rolled to try and throw us off, his very blood and sinew rose up against us, with flows of lava-like blood and lashing tendrils of corrupted flesh. We tore three of the elementium plates from his back, and leaped off of the dragon’s back as Thrall took another shot with the Dragon Soul – and this time the hit was square on. The golden power lashed through the Destroyer’s chest and sent him plummeting down into the very maelstrom he had hoped would be his salvation.

We thought it was over, as we landed on the rocks near the maelstrom, with Thall standing near us and the Aspects hovering behind the platforms. We were celebrating, exultant. We’d chased down the end of the world and we’d survived!

And that was when Deathwing loomed up out of the maelstrom. His body was a twisted, hideious mockery of the dragon he had once been. His limbs were like tentacles with claws at the ends that barely made them recognizable as claws or wings. His jaw was falling off, there was blood everywhere – and still he roared his defiance, tried to destroy us – tried to destroy the world. It was his last stand – and ours.

We were exhausted from days of battle now, but still we pressed on. The Aspects, drained from what they’d already done to help us, were personally assaulted by Deathwing’s mutated corruptions. We didn’t know what to do, but we did all we could. I threw myself into the battle, drawing the attention of the semi-sentient tendrils that threatened to destroy the Aspects. They impaled me, tried to pin me to the platforms we clung to as we fought, but we defeated them.

We defeated Deathwing, piece by piece, until all that was left was his head, fallen forward onto the platform where Yesera hovered. Exhausted, we threw ourselves into the battle. I held off the Elementium Terrors that Deathwing created to try and distract us, to stop us. They beat on me mercilessly. I felt my flesh tear, I felt my fur burn. I broke claws and teeth on their armor, and felt the wounds almost instantly healed. But heals don’t stop exhaustion – and heals don’t stop you from feeling the pain of the wounds. Just when I thought I would collapse from exhaustion…we won.

Deathwing reeled back, screeching in pain, and all the Aspects put the last of their power into one mighty blast, which blew the evil black dragon apart once and for all. All that was left of him was a chunk of his elementium jaw, that nearly crushed us as it landed on the very platform where we all stood. I used the last of my strength to throw myself out of the way, landing with a singularly painful belly flop on the hard stone nearby.

The frost death knight helped me back up onto my paws, and I thanked him by leaning against his leg as we all stood there, recovering. We’d done it – the Cataclysm was over. Deathwing was defeated.

We returned to Stormwind amid incredible fanfare, and we brought back the chunk of Deathwing’s jaw as proof that the danger was finally over. The King of Stormwind himself bestowed upon us all a final prestigious gift – a title that our names would carry until the end of our lives.

I am now known as Kalitri, Destroyer’s End.