These are the “official” projects that I am currently working on, and links to where previous projects may be purchased. They include books and series that I eventually plan to get published as well as completed works. The incomplete works offer preview chapters, but completed works are not currently available, while I search for publishers.


Original short fiction stories that stand alone and are not part of any novel or commercial project.


STATUS: Rewrite/Edit

NAME CHANGE: Series Title: Wrath of the Chosen (formerly R.W.S.T.F. Adventures),

Book Title: Tyler Wolfe

SUMMARY: Once a high ranking member of the infamous hate group known as the Chosen, Tyler Wolfe struggles for redemption and to earn the love of the white cat of his dreams. Only one thing stands in his way – her father is the head of the Anti-Chosen police group – the Lyon Team.

Join Tyler on his epic journey of redemption, friendship, love, and danger as he goes from an outlaw to the enemy his former comrades have always feared the most – one who knows them.

Sample Chapter[s]:


CURRENT BOOK: Beyond The Rainbow Bridge (working title)

SUMMARY: A memoir/tribute to all the pets that I have had the priviledge of knowing over the years.
STATUS: First Draft

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CURRENT BOOK: To The Third Power (working title)

SUMMARY: A Y/A fiction book about three young women who discover their own innate abilities and are drawn into a battle for the fate of the very world. And they owe it all to a strange little grey fox….
STATUS: Editing/Patreon Comment-taking.

Sample Chapters[s]: (Patrons Only)

Chapter 1: Little Girl Lost

My NaNoWriMo Profile

Years Participated: 5
Years Won: 2
NaNoWriMo Years In Review

Current Novel: Lady Madison: A Novel
Current Stats (Updated Weekly in November):

Total Word Count: 3172
Total Writing Hours:  2.5
Avg Words per Hour: 1268
Avg Words Per Day: 453
Avg Writing Hours per Day: 1.5
Words to Goal: 46,828
Days Remaining: 23
Avg Time Per Session: 1 hr

2017 Project Summary:

WORKING TITLE: Lady Madison – A Novel
TEASER: Jack has been living in the small town of Amber Falls, Wyoming, for six months, but it just isn’t clicking with him. He decides to go to the animal shelter, thinking a dog might be what he needs to help him settle in to the new surroundings. He brings home a beautiful lab/shepherd mix named Lady, but Lady isn’t quite the perfect companion he’d hoped for….
STATUS: In Progress
PROJECTED COMPLETION: 11/30/2017 – Goal Date
First Draft Completed: N/A

Sample Chapter[s]:
Coming Soon