NaNoWriMo Years In Review

Read about my previous year’s official attempts at NaNoWriMo here. Years since 2009 that aren’t listed mean that a novel was not attempted that year.


2009’s Novel: To The Third Power E-Format — $3.99
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Final Stats:

Total Word Count: 52,030 (COMPLETE!)
Total Writing Hours: 44
Avg Words per Hour: 1121
Avg Words Per Day: 1858
Avg Writing Hours per Day: 1.714
Words to Goal: 0
Days Remaining: 0
Avg Time Per Session: 2 Hours

2009 Project Summary:

TEASER: Three young women. Three different backgrounds. Three different lives. One evil. One destiny – to the third power.STATUS: First Edit

PROJECTED COMPLETION: 11/30/2009 – Goal Date

First Draft Completed (Won): 11/27/2009

Sample Chapters:
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

2010’s Novel: Draenai – A World of Warcraft Novel


Total Word Count: 2409
Total Writing Hours: 5
Avg Words per Hour: 803
Avg Words Per Day: 402
Avg Writing Hours per Day: .83
Words to Goal: 47,591
Days Remaining: 24
Avg Time Per Session: 3.5 Hour(s)

2010 Project Summary:

WORKING TITLE: Draenai – A World of Warcraft Novel
TEASER: One of the last of her people, trapped in a new frontier, one female Draenai will learn what it means to be a Hunter, and discover that her true strength lies within her heart.

What was written of this novel is available on the Fanfiction page, here.


2012’s Novel: The Lyon Team: Tyler Wolfe


Total Word Count: 51,108
Total Writing Hours: 48
Avg Words per Hour: 1256
Avg Words Per Day: 1978
Avg Writing Hours per Day: 2
Words to Goal: 0
Days Remaining: 5
Avg Time Per Session: 2 Hour(s)

2012 Project Summary:

WORKING TITLE: The Lyon Team: Tyler Wolfe (formerly: “Tigerwolf“)TEASER: Raised among specist bigots calling themselves “The Chosen,” Tyler Wolfe is ejected from the pack when he should have been killed. When he meets Annabelle Lyon, daughter of a house cat and a lion, he learns just how wrong the view of the “Chosen” was, and devotes himself to destroying the organization that raised him – especially after he finds out they were responsible for his parents deaths.

STATUS: WON – Projected completion: 11/30/2012

COMPLETE: 11/25/2012, (passed 50k words – story incomplete)