You Have Entered The Tyger’s Den

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Welcome to the den of the rare and elusive Tygerwolfe. Whether you know me from my artwork, my writing, or my alter-ego (Darkwolf Untamed), you’ve found my little home on the web.

Feel free to sniff around, and if you see something you like, be sure to give me a howl! This is one dire wolf therianthrope who never minds getting letters, no matter how long, short, or random the topic may be.

I am an artist. I am a writer. I am a female human. I am an extinct wolf. I’ve lived a life that for the most part might seem boring. Until recent years, I’d never been anywhere or done anything that ultimately seemed to matter in the grand scheme of things. I suppose it still doesn’t seem like it matters, but when I think about my life, I am more often than not, content.

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember. My first ever fanfiction was written about The Land Before Time and turned in either in Kindergarten or First Grade. It’s snowballedfrom there, but I still enjoy working on my own personal projects, including the R.W.S.T.F. series, and a book about the pets I’ve owned in my life.

I currently live in Southern California, with four other people and five cats.

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